Calculated, conscious creation

Calculated, conscious creation

Projects don't always go according to plan. This probably isn't a new revalation or anything, but, with this in mind, instead of gambling on an "all-at-once" approach, breaking your project into smaller bits (sprints), iterating on eaach step, and allowing the larger goal to naturally fall into place will be the process that we stick to.

This is how project sprints are broken up:

01 Discover

From the start of all projects, I arrange an intial meetup so that we can get to know each other and your project's larger goals. From there, and after a cost/time agreement has been reached, we will meet or communicate regularly to discover natural, beneficial advancements for your project.

02 Design

To make sure that we're heading down the right path, we'll start the design sprint with good ole pencil and paper. If needed, from there we'll proceed to high-def or interactive mockups, but during this sprint we'll focus on fine-tuning your project's layout, components, and styling prefences until you're satisfied.

03 Develop

Now it's time to start building out your project in code. With the concept(s) we've narrowed down, your target demographic, and the various devices that your project will be viewed on in mind, I'll get different components running and working together in no time.

04 Demo

At this point, I'll go through what I've built and try to find anything out of the norm. If anything looks off or is broken, I'll circle back and . This is also when you'll have the opportunity to test the work I've done and provide feedback.

05 Deploy

Once you've checked off on the previous sprint, it'll finally time to launch your project.

If new challenges or complications arise, just know that I'm passionate about seeing projects succeed. I'll be more than happy to revisit your project and pick up where we left off after the project has come to a close.