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My name is Ted Patterson

I craft intereactive experiences and meaningful designs


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Case studies will be available soon

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TAGCenter UI

Improving the experience of sample deposits and delivery

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Revolutionizing labrotory management & analytics

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YX Connect

Encouraging interaction and education within growing, diverse company culture

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Kayak Memphis

A family business redirected to can catch more of the flow

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Code Kickoff

Cost-free coding courses and collaboration based in Knoxville, Tennessee

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The future of plastics' marketing ability and web presence improved over 48 hours

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Maps Need Reading

A modern face for equally modern music

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Smart Air

The refinement of air purification options, education, and DIY culture in the eastern hemisphere

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Jing Sing

The establishment of a choir and its brand in Beijing


Project case studies are in the works at the moment, but feel free to navigate around the site to learn more